Angry Fish

In 1995 our only concern was to enjoy exteme sea sports. In order to stand out from the crowd it occured to us to create a symbol that combines our love of the sea with our passion for extreme sports. Thus ‘Angry Fish’ was born, which rapidly converted from a symbol of identity for “people crazy about the sea” to a recognised and respected clothing brand.

Since 2002, Angry Fish manufactures its collections in hard wearing, high quality cotton. We are committed to seeking the best quality in materials, forms and designs, because we want to create durable and comfortable clothes so you can enjoy them like the first day.

A clothing item from Angry Fish is forever.

All our clothes are made from the finest high quality Itallian cotton with a smooth feel, anti-pilling treatment and using the best natural dyes, with certified origin. They are all environmentally friendly, after all the earth is our playground and we have to look after it in order to enjoy it.