Nature, action and sports are the base of Angry Fish, and we like to remain loyal to our roots


In order to do so, we have invaluable help from our friends of Angry Fish, renowned sports people from various fields like Kitesurfing, Wakeboarding, Extreme Enduro, Trails, MX or Acrobatic Aviation. Many of them are World Champions in their sports, and when it comes to competing for a world title… that’s when they most resemble Angry Fish.

Cástor Fantoba, Alfredo Gómez, Juan Velarde, Anselmo Gámez, Jaime Torres, Sandra Gómez, Marcelo López, Niki Gª de Vinuesa, Antonio Gimeno, Miguel Angel Parra, Alex Martínez… The members of our team fight for each curve, each wave, for each move until the race ends. Then they go home to enjoy being with their family and friends.

For us that is the value of life. Fernando Tiagonce “Banzay” motivated the creation of our sponsorship programme for athletes and now looks out for us all from out there somewhere, beyond the stars.